First Post!!

Good Morning 2F00s!

So obviously this is my first post for this class, and it’s basically meant to be an intro post to let everyone get to know me, and to further explain my topic a bit. So first I’ll start with introducing myself…

My name’s Elise Takahashi. Upon completing this class, I will be graduating in September from the Business Communications program, finally!! I really interested in marketing, advertising and PR, and hope go get a job in that field very soon!

Throughout my time here at Brock I have learnt what impact social media and internet use have on our generation and I think that this class will give me an even deeper knowledge into the mechanics and culture of social media platforms.

My topic for this class is the effects of media usage on youth. There is such an abundance of new stories that revolve around youth over consuming, following, and becoming desensitized due to their media/social media usage. Topics such as bullying and violence are common grounds of discussion here but I would like to delve a little deeper and discuss not only the more frowned upon effects media have on the youth generation, but  if possible look at some benefits. I have kept my topic rather broad because I feel like there is so much to talk about regarding this topic, and I really want this blog to be able to analyze a wide range of issues.

Thanks all for now! I have some more info about myself on me “about me” page If anyone wanted to get it out!

Elise @elisetakahashii


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