Summative blog post (MOD #1)

Hey Guys ! I hope you all had an amazing weekend, I sure did! Just a quick note before I delve into the comments that I received for my Module 1 post, I found it so funny that as soon as we got to the cottage my one friend asked “ OMG do you get wifi, I NEED the password!” My friends and I legit cannot go for a single weekend without our phones, and without posting, updating and instagramming parts of our weekend. I just thought it was funny considering we talked about all of these topics in this class!

Anyways this post is just a recap and overview of what comments other group members had left me on my first post. Last week we were asked in our first post to discuss the topics of privacy, and the sharing of personal information on social media platforms. I briefly discussed the different types of social media I was using, and then went into more detail about why, what and how I incorporate these forms of communication in my everyday life. @melaniemunroe agreed with me that social media sites were almost forcing you to add personal demographics about yourself in order to have a complete profile. She also added the point that she did not add everything that Facebook asked her too, because she does try to keep some of her work life private from her social life. I agreed with her, and I think that Facebook and other social media sites do give some ability to change your privacy settings in order to keep your profile information only reviewed by you certain friends, and too not add certain elements like your workplace, or schools attended to your profile. I also brought up the point in my reply to her comment that even when I had specifically decided not to add where I worked to my profile, I still received tons of notifications to update my profile. Someone from my work had tagged me in a post, using our workplace as the mutual connector, and ever since then I have received a notification every day about putting that workplace on my profile. They are so aggressive and persistant! Like do other people really need to know I worked at Swiss Chalet…I don’t think so.

@nzaduban made some really great comments and was completely honest with her response to my post. She raved about the fact that she wishes that she could disconnect from the social media world a little more, but like most people me included, we just want to be heard, and have that constant feeling of connection to others. She also hit home on the point that I made about feeling the need to constantly update and fill people in on what we’re doing, or what specials things we have done. We want to be relevant, what is the point of having all of these social media platforms if they are not up to date. The whole point of them is to showcase your milestones, and daily activities to others. You WANT them to creep you, and learn about your life.  I also agreed with her about the point that social media doesn’t necessarily have to be about posting your daily routine, and talking about every single thing you do every day, but it should be used as a tool of making connections, memory saving, and posting unique and fun things about yourself.

Overall I learnt that everyone uses social media differently. Everyone has his or hers own personal limits of what is acceptable to post online. And what I would find completely unacceptable to post online, others may not. It’s a very subjective form of communication with little to no rules or structures and I think that’s a great appeal to the craze that is social media


These are just some pics from the weekend. Iphones were alllll around even deep in the woods! #obsessed


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