Youtube is my train & Im getting off at all stops

Hey guys! So this week is all about cultural production and new media. I want to chat with you guys about what types of media I have consumed online and what types of media I have produced. I also wanted to touch base with the reasons as to why I don’t feel like the need produce more of my own online material.

Firstly, I want to share with you the different ways in which I consume new media. My most frequently used platform is YouTube. I have a serious YouTube addiction and as of late and have found myself watching Youtube way more then I watch television, and I love me some TV.  For me, Youtube is more of a learning tool then it is for gaining mindless satisfaction that I receive from television. By that I mean I could have the TV on in the background and casually be watching that, plus be surfing the web or doing other things and not really giving any outlet my full attention. Then again my favourite shows are designed for just that…no offense MTV… Anyways, when I go onto Youtube I usually have something specific in mind that I want to look up or learn how to do.  I have about 100 subscriptions to various channels, the majority being hair and makeup tutorials but I also have a lot of health and nutrition ones as well. In her article Tessa (2008) touches upon what fascinates us about Youtube and brings in comparisons to early cinemas. When she references the idea of railroads I thought for sure she was going to discuss how Youtube has the ability to link together various videos and uploads by using the “suggested videos” on the right side. That is how I came to having so many subscriptions; I watch one video and then like a train it brings me to the next stop (video), to the next, etc etc until I have been watching Youtube for over 2 hours and have 100 subscriptions. I think that the analogy of a train and Youtube is ingenious and perfectly describes the journey in which the site can take you on.

Since I have discussed with you what new media I consume, I now want to discuss what new media I produce, and why I choose to produce so little. My friends and I have considered creating our own Youtube channels, being motivated by the glamour gurus that we watch so frequently but then we think why? We aren’t funny? We don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute? We are also so late in the game that there are already so many established Youtubers who would watch us? I think for us it was that fear again that I discussed in Mod 2 about being irrelevant. What’s the point of uploading someone if no one bothers to watch it? But Manovich (2008) brings up an interesting point about the “long-tail” effect new media has on music. He writes,  “These audiences can be tiny but they are not 0. Every track no matter how obscure found at least one listener.” User generated culture allows people with even the smallest most muffled voice to be heard. It also allows for those voices, no matter their popularity, to come together in the form of blogs and forums and find others like themselves. It’s a great form of democracy and freedom.

Although…Im going to stick to watching Youtube videos, and not creating them!


This image just shows the addiction that Youtube has over me


 This one is just a screen shot of some of my subscriptions. 


Manovich, l. (2008) The Practice of Everyday (Media) Life: From Mass Consumption to Mass Cultural Production?

Rizzo, T. YouTube: the New Cinema of Attractions



5 responses to “Youtube is my train & Im getting off at all stops

  1. melaniemunroe

    I am also an avid Youtube user. I actually do use Youtube to watch television shows, probably more than I watch actual television. It is so much easier to access videos on the Internet, especially if you are in the mood for a specific TV show or movie. There are so many sites out there that offer free online movies or TV shows, and Youtube sometimes is one of them. I really like your mention of the analogy of a train and Youtube. It is very true that Youtube takes you from one stop to another, as I constantly am somehow stuck on Youtube for hours at a time.

  2. Youtube seems to be a very popular platform for most of us because we can consume videos of basically anything from TV, music, sports highlights etc. As you mentioned you can find yourself on Youtube for hours on end because the site suggests videos that you may also be interested in so you continue to consume and consume without even noticing the time. I also agree that I am not much of a producer like yourself because there is that fear about being irrelevant, mainly is my video even worth being up on Youtube and are people even going to view it. However like you said Youtube and other platforms are great because it allows for those voices, no matter their popularity, to come together in the form of blogs and forums and find others like themselves. It’s a great form of democracy and freedom. Whether we use them or not is our decision in the end.

  3. “My most frequently used platform is YouTube. I have a serious YouTube addiction and as of late and have found myself watching YouTube way more then I watch television” Let it be known you are not the only one. As you may already know, and judging by the meme you found to support your discussion, I found it completely appropriate for the topic at hand. YouTube is a great learning tool; but as you pointed out provides much more than that. You pointed out that you’re a huge consumer of YouTube media, but lack in the producing side. What kind of qualities do you think it takes someone to poses to become a producer? I struggle with this questions because I am a consumer as well and do not see it in my immediate nor long term future to change that about myself.

  4. This is a great blog! I found myself agreeing with everything you said. The only thing I wasn’t agreeing with is that you watch tutorials and health/nutrition videos, while I go on youtube to watch videos that will make me laugh, and music lyric videos (I know its lame but thats how I learn the words to songs lol). Tutorial videos though are great and I do watch them a lot too if I need to learn something! I definitely have learned a few hairstyles and makeup ideas from youtube, as well as how to play some songs on the piano. I have even learned how to cut up a pineapple from youtube. I agree with what you said about making a video and being heard may be difficult if there are already so many similar videos, but I think new videos keep being created and people still watch all of them! I also don’t think you need to be hilarious and clever for a makeup or hair tutorial because usually the people are really boring anyways (not saying your boring, just saying it wouldn’t be a big deal if you were!). Also, I really enjoyed your train metaphor because it is sooooo true. I completely agree, and I loved the picture! As soon as I get onto youtube watching a video, I always have to click more videos from the suggested column at the side. Anyways great blog and I must say I think we are on the same page with all of this!

  5. It’s interesting a lot of us seem to have something akin to stage fright when it comes to producing something for public consumption on the internet. Even though we don’t know the people who would watch our content, we are still afraid of being judged and don’t feel we have skills to produce something of any quality. I think we all might have something in us that would be valuable to share to the public. You can learn basically how to do anything on YouTube and we must have some kind of talent or information to share that others would find valuable. I don’t think we are giving ourselves enough credit.

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