ITS A WRAP!……..on MOD 4

It is clear from all my group members posts and comments that Youtube is definitely a media platform that has integrated itself to many peoples lives. Whether it be for music, videos, tutorials, or learning how to peel a pineapple everyone has found a use for Youtube’s online video library.  No matter what you are interested in there is likely going to be a video that can pertain to your likes. Even my group members and I differed on what we actually used Youtube for, but were unanimous in the fact that it is a growing addiction. Many people agreed that they often get preoccupied with the variety of videos that Youtube offers and find themselves viewing a lot more videos then they initially intended too. I think of this almost as a marketing ploy. Of course we aren’t buying anything from Youtube, access is free but it almost like a sales tactic. I work in retail and we do that sort of action all the time. Say they bought a swim suit I will give them 5 more options of other items they might enjoy since they agreed to buy that first swimsuit. Its all about holding the consumers attention.

Next in my blog I had commented that I don’t really consider myself I producer of new media, but an avid consumer and @bigtuna09 made the comment asking “What kind of qualities do you think it takes someone to poses to become a producer?” I thought this was a great question because I think that my opinion varies for the type of video I’m going to watch. For example if I’m going on Youtube to watch videos of people falling, then I expect nothing from the producers but a video of someone falling. The camera quality doesn’t really matter, the amount of views doesn’t matter I just want to see something funny. Then again, If I’m watching a makeup and hair tutorial from a producer that I have subscribed too, I expect them to deliver me a flawless upload. I would also like to point out that these Youtubers actually get paid for their videos and have sponsors, which then brings up the idea of consumer culture, and how brands are actually paying Youtubers to promote their products.

I wanted to finish off with a comment made by @cromero2012. In his comment he stated how he found it interesting that we (group members) have all these reservations about uploading videos and being producers of culture. He believes that we need to be less afraid of people’s judgments and I couldn’t agree more.  Considering the amount of videos uploaded to Youtube daily its safe to say that everyone probably has something of value to add and I’m sure every video has at least one view. Youtube gives peoples that outlet to broadcast their interests no matter how small and irrelevant people may think it is.  


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