Free Music Sharing #FTW

Excuse my sports analogy but free music sharing swept the board this week. Every single group member was in favour of the gift Youtube and other music downloaders provide us.  As it was quoted in one of the readings, music has a way of connecting people of all different ethnicities, geographical locations, classes and genders.  As cromero2013 said in her comment, “music is meant to be shared by society,” and I couldn’t agree more. Music is made to be shared and enjoyed. The value of an artists music shouldn’t be based on how many CD’s they sell, how many times their song is downloaded or how many locations they sell out. It should be based on the songs ability to inspire people, and how touched they are by the song. I think that over time the music industry, like all industries really, base their success on monetary values. For me, I do not feel as if im stealing from these music corporations at all. The music is not rightfully theirs and I don’t see the actual artists themselves putting up a big stink about it. @ colecrerar90 and I have similar feelings on this matter, he writes that his issue is that “these record companies and musicians already making enough money that the whole problem of online piracy is not affecting the music industry as much as we tend to believe.”

Another topic that my group members and I dabbled upon was the idea that music sharing has a way of introducing us to various artists around the world. @bigtuna90 believes that “sharing of music has rejuvenated the music industry and allowed for many more artists to grab a slice of the money pie. I enjoy listening to various artists from multiple countries and giving them a chance to find their way on my playlist.” It’s true. Youtube and Limewire have given outlets for artists to cross geographical barriers. Without it I feel as though our taste in music may be very narrow, and artists may not be able to reach the breath of people they wished too.

Overall I truly believe that music sharing has done nothing but good for the industry. I don’t think that its fair for youth culture to be blamed for the way the industry has turned out, and melaniemunroe phrased this perfectly, “Record labels need to realize that we are not downloading music online for free to rebel against them, we are doing it in order to form a community worldwide of music lovers.”


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