SHOW ME LOVE- Summation Post Mod 6

With these weeks blog post I was curious to see how my group members rated their activist participation.  There has been such an abundance of citizen journalism emerging with the help of social media, and I know that my group members and I are engaged on some of these platforms so I wanted to see what they thought about online vs offline activism.

I had an exact 50/50 spilt. Two of my group members decided that even though their contributions to socially responsible issues may be minimal they were mostly participating online.  Both of my self-admitted online activists claimed that it is the ease of online petitions and new feeds updates that encourage them to post opinions and show support. colecrerar90 says that, “as a user of both Facebook and Twitter it definitely encourages me to participate as a citizen journalist because it seems like everyone these days is contributing somehow with their views and/or opinions on relevant news”. The example that I threw up about some online activist campaigns was Kony 2012 and nzaduban wrote in her post that she too shared the link and was encouraged by social media to retweet and distribute the content.

My other two groups members were more like myself. They were both unphased by the craze that is citizen journalism.  What they wrote in their comments were more directed towards their feelings on the effectiveness of online activism. cromero2013 actually brought in an outside source and in her comment and she talks about how,” In the article it states that critics refer to online activism as “slacktivism” and that it is not a very effective way to create change. Mostly because as you stated, anyone can be involved even if they do not really care about the cause and all that is required is sitting in a chair and pushing a “like” button or typing your name on a petition.”

 Although my group was spilt down the middle in regards to their participation they all seemed to agree on the effectiveness of online activism, or rather its lack of effectiveness. Even though online participation seems to be the more convenient route to showing support all group members decided that offline activism shows a more meaningful message to the cause you are fighting for. Just like melaniemunroe said, “you need to get out in the world in order to make a difference.”


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